Beyonce has had a lucrative history as a spokesperson and as part of her $50 Million deal with Pepsi she is able to break up our mundane media consumption with eye-popping, 30-second thirst traps.

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In the highly anticipated “Mirrors” spot the hottest MILF in the game debuts a new song called “Grown Woman” and offers up several thirst-inducing moments that remind us of one thing; The only woman who can keep up with Beyonce is Beyonce.

Here are our five favorite moments from Beyonce’s “Mirrors” Pepsi Commercial.

5. In case her GQ cover and Super Bowl halftime show didn’t remind you of just how tight her post-baby body is, here are a few more frames to jog your memory.  However, we’re going to brace ourselves for the “Beyonce is a vampire” rumors to start since she doesn’t have a reflection in any of these mirrors.

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