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Well, if you listened to “A Different World” super producer Debbie Allen a few months ago, then you would have heard this conversation from her side. According to Allen, she would love to bring the show back. Now another former Hillman alum has been asked her opinion on whether the show should be brought back to the small screen or not.

See what Ms. Jada Pinkett Smith had to say via The Grio on the matter below!

There are plenty of college grads who have the former Hillman students to thank for being enticed to head to college after high school. Many kids were actually introduced to the whole HBCU experience through the show. If it was done meticulously and a lot of thought was put in to it, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some positive figures to view each week. You know, to counter balance the ones jumping over tables and fighting at business events! Maybe they are on to something here, but would they need the NBC machine behind them again to make it happen? Guess we have to wait and see!


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