It’s hard out here for marijuana kingpins. Police arrested a man who is suspected of running a marijuana growing and distribution ring and discovered he left buckets of human feces around the house to cover up the odor of the illegal plant.

Earlier in the week, narcotics Task Force agents made use of a search warrant and upon searching the home, police discovered it was housing a marijuana operation. While the officers could smell the massive amounts of weed throughout, cops were put off by the pungent odor of human crap. Cash and drug paraphernalia were also found during the sweep of the house.

The man arrested, Henry Ha Nguyen, was arrested and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm, and one count of cultivation of marijuana. Nguyen grew more than 10 pounds of the drug within a 12-month period. Along with the drugs and paraphernelia, Nguyen’s two Sheppard-type security dogs.

Police also searched Hguyen’s actual residence. That’s where they discovered the cash, various types of drugs including meth, and a variety of assault rifles and guns. Hguyen is being held at the Jackson Adult Detention Center until a date for his court appearance is set.

This guy is doing the most with the buckets of crap laying around. Why didn’t he do what people did in college when they smoked weed in their dorms and didn’t want to get caught? All he had to do was pop multiple bags of popcorn and open the bags and sit them around the stash house. and who were the employees that hard up for money that they were willing to work in such sh**ty conditions?



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