Combat Jack did an amazing job of walking that tight rope with this interview. He didn’t jump right in and make Dash feel uncomfortable, he was slow and steady and there was a definite build up with the questions. Many people have waited just about forever to hear Dame Dash discuss a lot of the information covered.

Rookies in the game would have jumped straight for the jugular, but Combat Jack was entirely too polished for that silly mistake. Combat knew better than to run straight toward questions concerning the rumors and speculations about Dash. Doing so could have caused him to shut down and tune out. Combat Jack would not have gotten the same positive upbeat interview had he fell victim to the slash and burn questioning style. They covered some of everything including;

On his son…

“First and foremost I’m enjoying raising my kids. I got four. One is an adult now. Boogie is 21. I got two daughters and another son. I had Boogie when I was 19. I was crazy. He’s good. He emailed me a mix for ya’ll. He’s DJin and has a cookie company in Fairway. He just started the company last year and he already done something I haven’t done. Being able to put a company together at that age…and his djin is getting ill…he also interview for Harvard the other day. Which is crazy to me.”

On his mom dying…

“At one time my worst fear was losing my mom and when I lost her it was confronting my fear. And being that it was at such a young age I never had fear of anything. I was 15. I felt my worse pain I thought I could feel…until Aaliyah died.”

Not to ruin the surprise and tell too much about the convo, but there is one point where the interview transforms from a super informational and inspirational discussion into  a very long rant about a certain CJS team member and their clothing choices back in the day. It’s worth the wait so hang in there till you get to it! And to that particular CJS individual, we heard you! Your words didn’t fall on deaf ears!


Take a listen to the interview below and see what you think!



Dame Dash clearly has all kinds of history with all kinds of people! It was refreshing to hear a much more relaxed Dash speak on his choices within the industry and even his reasoning for why he left it. We salute all principal parties on this one. The right balance of journalistic tact can make all the difference, Combat Jack proved this with ease.


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