So apparently there has been no love lost between Lil Wayne and Trick Daddy since Wayne’s F**k Miami rant a few months back.  Check it out below:


TMZ reports that last night at a Miami strip club, the situation almost came to Lil Wayne’s camp and Trick Daddy’s camp putting paws on one another.

Allegedly, Weezy was at King of Diamonds last night, when he started to get a bad vibe from Trick Daddy’s crew.

TMZ alleges, Wayne wasn’t feeling the energy and he and Mack Maine decided to leave. While walking out of the club, a few of Trick Daddy’s boys approached Wayne and Mack and threw a lit cigarette in Wayne’s dreads! Before Wayne could react King Of Diamonds security jumped in and squashed the situation.

TMZ sources say,

“at no point were Trick Daddy and Wayne ever face-to-face and Trick Daddy was not with his boys when things got heated outside.”

Lil Wayne nearly died less than a month ago, we’re sort of thinking that fight could never have been fair if it had jumped off. But seriously, we’re glad the security busted it up, before any of the parties physically got busted up!


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