According to Gucci Mane was released yesterday on charges that he assaulted a fan and was re-arrested today on parole violation.

We have a new question, and a valid question, how many chances does this man get? How many times does he get to skate out of jail, thereby setting the example that, you can do all of the things that he has allegedly done and continue to get away with it as if nothing ever happened? He’s back in jail 24 hours after being released but will he stay? Probably not. He always seems to find a way to not take responsibility for things he’s allegedly done.

However, if that were to happen to the average Hip Hop artist in the hood, it would be donzo. There would’t be 50 chances to try again. There would be nobody to bail them out, they would just be in jail period. Not saying that we wish ill upon Gucci, we just wish everyone had the same fair deal.


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