If the videos on YouTube couldn’t get any worse, here comes the condom challenge.

It’s a pointless and dangerous one. The purpose (and I hate using that word for this) is to snort a condom up your nose, and then pull it from your mouth without choking. It looks like the videos started months ago, but really caught on within the past week. More and more videos are being uploaded as you read this.

Let’s take Savannah for instance (pictured above). She knows the challenge is dumb, but she proceeds anyway. “Right now, I’m going to be doing a challenge that I probably shouldn’t be doing,” she said, “but that’s OK.”

And then, to a soundtrack of Taylor Swift’s “22”, she proceeds to snort the condom. “Yeah, that was kinda weird. My throat kinda hurts.”

Thankfully, there has been an outpouring of negative reactions like the ones seen below.

If you can stomach it, take a look at the video on the next page.

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