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For a little more than 18 hours, Drake‘s latest song “Girls Love Beyonce” has been all the talk on every social media site ever created. While some aren’t too fond of the song, others have gone in the opposite direction by professing their love for Beyonce and the Lightskinned Canadian Gawd. Although trying to find a woman who doesn’t have some type of admiration for Jay-Z’s wife is harder than finding Michelle Williams somewwhere that isn’t Beyonce’s shadow, there are some women who would rather Beyonce take her ass to her multi-million dollar apartment and have a damn seat.

Being that The Urban Daily is comprised of snarky writers like myself, I felt it was only right that we prove Drake wrong. I found 15 women around the web who couldn’t care less if Beyonce  crowned herself king or pauper. Listen to the song and check out the ladies’ rebuttals.

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