Moving on to a less controversial topic, the album cover was you guys riding into a vagina…

Slim Kid3:…Because we came out of a vagina! That was the idea behind that!

But I doubt the one you came out of had razors in it like the one you were going into on that cover! Who’s designed that?

Fat Lip: These cats Slick and Den. They had a clothing company back in the day called FUCT. They rocked that shit. I remember the first day we saw it… all cracked out looking in the animation. I didn’t really like that shit at first. I was like “Is that what I look like?” but that shit took the record to another dimension.

I won’t front, it was kind of disturbing for me personally. The idea of flying into a razor filled vagina was like a safe sex ad on steroids for me.

Slim Kid3: I don’t remember razors….

Fat Lip: Nah, he means the roller coaster. Its like, wood so it’s breaking up…

No! When you look inside, it’s got pointed teeth! It’s probably the reason I don’t have kids right now!

Slim Kid3: Wow, we didn’t see that… I think you just brought something to light. We might owe you for that. (Room Laughs)

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