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Legendary soul group The O’Jays are tired of these backstabbing companies. The soul music superstars just filed a lawsuit against Crown Royal Whiskey over the use of their biggest hit “For the Love of Money.”

The O’Jays claim the liquor company used a portion of their song for a commercial featuring NBA legend “Dr. J” Julius Irving. Apparently, the use of “For the Love of Money” humiliated The O’Jays. Although the song is used in the TV spot, an unidentified rapper drops new lyrics about Crown Royal for the ad. The two original members of the group Eddie Levert and Walter Williams, Sr. also hurled insults at the rapper. The O’Jays called the rapper a “poseur with limited ability to carry a tune” who spit a “self-aggrandizing childish rap.”

Williams and Levert are asking the court to award them more than a million dollars in damages. A judge has yet to make a ruling.

I totally understand where The O’Jays are coming from when it comes to people using their music without permission, but after viewing the commercial, I’m still scratching my head trying to figure out when the commercial began to humiliate them. In my opinion, it’s actually one of the better liquor ads in a while. You tell me what you think below.


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