MMA fighter Phil Davis has a lot on his mind right now. Phil Davis is in the middle of training for a fight taking place this weekend and after that he must prepare to fight his baby momma in court.

Ventris Patterson is accusing Phil Davis of having a propensity for violence outside of the fighting octagon. Patterson says Davis is even violent during sex and she’s blaming it all on his MMA training. She even recalled a time when Phil Davis body slammed her onto the couch with extreme force. Patterson says the force in which Davis slammed her caused the couch to hit the wall and peeled paint off the wall.

Ventris Patterson also alleged Davis liked to get rough in the bedroom. During intercourse, Davis allegedly choked his baby momma until she would plead for him to stop. Even after beg him to loosen his grip, he would just yell, “Shut the f**k up, b***h!” In the court papers, Patterson stated, “I am afraid that the numerous fights have negatively impacted his mental stability, ” and she doesn’t feel she can defend herself because of his “increased strength and attacking ability.”

The funny thing about this case is Phil Davis says Ventris Patterson is the one with the violent tendencies. He says she posted a picture of a gun on Facebook with the caption, “His day will come.” Davis also made mention of a threatening text message where she said, “I can’t wait until the day you die so I can spit in ur face [painful and slow].” Davis also answered Patterson’s claim of abuse. Phil Davis said he never uses his martial arts training outside of the octagon.

They’re both seeking restraining orders against each other and will appear before a San Diego judge on May 7th. Who do you believe in this situation?



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