TMZ ran into Ronda Rousey recently and uncovered a fact you probably didn't know about the UFC fighter - her great-grandfather was Black.

Chance The Rapper takes a few moments to make sure those who need coats in Chicago have them.

Ronda made her big return to the ring - but she's fighting with a different muscle.

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson has gained the reputation of not being a person to mess with. Although his rough image has softened over the years, there’s still an innate fear that shoots up your spine when Mike walks into a room. (Speaking from experience.) Now that he’s older, he’s using that reputation to prank […]

In the sport of UFC it’s expected that some pretty nasty breaks will happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch. In his first title defense (and second match against Anderson Silva) middleweight champion Chris Weidman successfully defended his title at UFC 168  after colliding with Silva in the second round of a […]

MMA fighter Phil Davis has a lot on his mind right now. Phil Davis is in the middle of training for a fight taking place this weekend and after that he must prepare to fight his baby momma in court. Ventris Patterson is accusing Phil Davis of having a propensity for violence outside of the […]

Twitter strikes again. Well The Game is the only one taking shots on Twitter, but the two have indirectly exchanged words about each other.

From Blackvoices It wasn’t a pretty site for YouTube backyard brawling sensation Kimbo Slice. His dreams came true when he became an Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) fighter last year, but now those dreams have come to an end.

Florida-based streetfighter Kimbo Slice was knocked-out in 14 seconds by underdog Seth Petruzelli. The upset was the first loss for Slice as a mixed martial artist. Watch the entire fight here!