Former boxing champion Mike Tyson has gained the reputation of not being a person to mess with. Although his rough image has softened over the years, there’s still an innate fear that shoots up your spine when Mike walks into a room. (Speaking from experience.) Now that he’s older, he’s using that reputation to prank some of his associates.

The President of UFC Dana White was one of Mike Tyson’s associate  that felt the wrath of Tyson. During a plane ride, Mike slaps Dana on the shoulder and demands he  give up his seat. Dana White gets up and moves, but tells Tyson that he likes the seat he was sitting in. Tyson dismisses White with, “Yeah, but I like that seat better.”


After White was punked, he fell asleep. That was the wrong thing to do on a private plane with Mike Tyson’s mischievous self. White posted a photo on Instagram of Mike Tyson writing the word “DICK” on his forehead while he was sl;eeping. He took the joke in stride and captioned the photo, “Alright it’s official no more flying with @miketyson !!!!#ufc #miketyson #sharpie #dontfallasleep”

What would you do if Mike Tyson did this to you on a plane?

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