When shopping in certain areas of Detroit, you better make sure you are looking around for cameras, but we don’t mean surveillance cameras, we mean cell phone cameras. As you will see in the report filed by Andrea Isom of Fox 2 News – Detroit, black party store patrons have been finding pictures of themselves with racist comments written about them on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Take a look!


The gentleman got it right with firing his son over it, but there is still a bigger issue within the community at large. If people didn’t think it, it wouldn’t get said.

Often times African Americans write this type of stuff about other African Americans and post it on their own various social media timelines. So the even bigger question here becomes, when are we as a people going to stop thinking it’s cool to speak about one another this way?  It’s not easy to deter other cultures from doing this, if we have been publicly speaking about each other in our own culture in the same manner. Food for thought.


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