Sometimes it takes a number of years out of the spotlight for artists to feel comfy enough to speak up and tell their truths, and that often happens to the chagrin of those people that the truths are about! This story is no different! Thanks to the homey Illseed over at, we stumbled upon this Black Rob interview, and let’s just say, the guy goes in.

Says Rob;

“Jay and them n***as done sucked a lot of people dry. Jay-Z and Puffy – they suck a lot of people dry – they talents. They treat you like McDonald’s fries and s**t when they are cold. Don’t nobody want McDonald’s fries when they cold.”

Grab your popcorn, hot dog, soda or whatever you need to sit and watch intently, because you’re gonna learn today!  You will be entertained!

Check it out!

Doh! We see why he was in an undisclosed location! That was serious! Not too many people are brave enough to go in like that..”like nitro” right? This makes us want to walk around saying like woah again, for no apparent reason, to anything anyone has to say!

Good Luck Black Rob! After what you said, you’re going to need it!

[Editors Note]: Does anyone else want a Bomb Pop or an Ice cream Sandwich  after watching that video or is it just us?


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