If you watched the NFL draft like we did, you know the addition of Geno Smith, the stubbornness of Jets coach Rex Ryan and the amount of backmail material Mark Sanchez  must have on the entire organization, all equal up the NY Jets finally cutting ties with quartberback Tim Tebow.

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After a high-profile, yet questionable, acquisition from Denver and lot of media hype, (we’re looking at YOU Skip Bayless!) the Jets saw to it that wide-receiver Jeremih Kerley had more yards passing the football than Timmy this past season. Hell, I’VE had more yards passing gas than Timmy! They even started 3rd stringer Greg McElroy over Tebow while he stood on the sidelines in his hometown. Love him or hate him he former back-up was definitely treated like runway road kill.

With offers already coming in from the lingerie football league to be a coach, we here at T.U.D. decided to help the disen-former-franchised QB find life beyond the pigskin.

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