John Acunto, CEO and Co-Founder of GIG IT asked me to “Gig-IT”. I had to admit that I had no clue what he was talking about, but that didn’t last for long. As I spoke with he and his team behind the new Facebook game it became increasingly clear that this could be the next Big Facebook game. With the mantra “This aint no Farm” firmly embedded in my psyche I stepped forward into the light.

First, there’s the game play. It’s quite simple really. You book a GiG for your client. Your client just happens to be the likes of Flo Ryder, Rick Ross, and even Nas. You book the venue, you choose the sponsors, you can even choose what your artist wears. Now here is the cool part – you can choose your artist’s songs they will perform based on your own song list. Not only that, but you can plan everything that happens on stage including lighting, pyrotechnics  and the like. When you get good – you can have your friends watch the concert you put on in REAL TIME! You can save your best performances and share them with the world for up to two weeks. Check below for the starting list of artists in the game, most of whom were at the launch party last night. There were appearances by Jamie Foxx, Busta Rhymes, La La Vasquez, Nas, Talib Kwele, 2 Chainz, and many, many, many more.

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I mentioned to John that he should add the ability to skin your own likeness in the game so you could appear as one of your favorite artist’s crew. I think that would be hot!

The app utilizes Youtube for saving the videos that you make and you can view them on your mobile device. The game is based on ratings so you better do a good job or you’ll have your friends raggin’ on you. I interviewed B-Real from Cypress Hill who said this wasn’t the first time he was in a game and that in the old Maddens you could put in a cheat code and get him on your squad! I thought that was an interesting little fact, but it really goes to show how far music – especially hip-hop – and technology have come.

I’ll definitely be checking this game once it drops this year and I’ll keep you posted on new news. For now, check the little clip of Elle Varner tearing down the house!

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GiG IT Initial Artist List

1. Flo rida

2. Neyo

3. Tyga

4. Slaughter house

5. Sean Kingston

6. MGK

7. Fabolous

8. Miguel

9. 2chainz

10. Nas

11. Rick Ross

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