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Welp! Guess Lil Wayne will no longer be doing the Dew! He will have to find something else to put in his cup. (It’s his cup). But we digress.

The word is, Wayne was indeed dumped by the soft drink after the family of Emmett Till started going after the sponsor-ships he was holding. This was a result of his lyrical choices that equated Emmett Till’s being beat to death with what Lil Wayne was pledging to do to the… let’s just call it “special place”, of a girl in his song.

The lyrics were tacky and vulgar at best, but we’re pretty sure that the no apology-apology that he fired off to the family this week did not help him at all. Bottom line, if you do something hurtful to others, take responsibility for it ASAP. Don’t let it sit and fester, put your big kid pants on and own up to your mistakes. Otherwise, don’t look for sympathy when people don’t care to hear it later on. Good Luck to all parties.


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