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File this one under “Please Lawd No”! We are hoping that‘s Illseed is simply misinformed on this one! However, anyone who has seen the current season of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, has seen the trailer for what’s to come during the rest of the season. If you missed it, check it out below!


Okay, as you just saw in that preview, Rasheeda does come up pregnant, and it’s true that her husband says he wants a paternity test done. This, we do know to be true. But now the internets won’t shut up about the possibility that her baby is Lil Scrappy’s child. How this even comes in to play we don’t know.

Sources are claiming that K. Michelle went on a binder and told it all, allegedly claiming that The whole brother/sister thing between Rasheeda and Scrappy is just an act and that everyone knows they are getting it in behind Kirk’s back.  To say we are taking this with a grain of salt would be the understatement of the year. Seems like if she was going to say something like that she would say it on camera, since she seems to speak her mind at all times from our observation. And when she got into it with Kirk in the previous episode, why wouldn’t she have said it then? Again, we’re not sure this theory holds any water.

We clearly have no idea if any of this is true, or if they are just spreading this stuff out there to boost ratings, or even if it’s just that someone on these internets is bored and needs a new hobby. But what we do know is that if there is any sort of truth to this rumor, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta will have just solidified itself for the Ratchetivity Of The Year award!

Best of luck to Rasheeda, regardless of what the situation is, she is still a woman with child, and hopefully this is something she is able to be happy about.


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