Man, the only person having a worse few days than Kanye West right now, must be the guy who delivered his $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador  to him today. Sort of. If you call delivering it letting the gates in front of Kimmy K’s house literally smash in to it as it drives through them delivering it!

According to TMZ, Kanye’s Lamborghini  was being delivered to Kim’s L.A. house after getting serviced. As the guy drove through the gates, they suddenly began to close! We can not even begin to imagine what it must have felt like to be that guy when those gates smashed into the sides of Kanye’s whip! If Kanye spazzed on total strangers about walking in to a sign all on his own and hitting his very own head, what would he be like to deal with, if someone else was actually at fault for tearing up his super expensive ride? We don’t really want to even think about it, it’s making our heads hurt! We kid….we kid!

Welp, we hope that poor guy who was just trying to do his job, didn’t try to make any crazy story up about what happened, since you know camera crews were everywhere! Actually we hope that guy still had a job to go back to after something like this, after all, Kanye is the guy with all that “Power”!

Good luck to both parties!

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