Hmmm, very interesting indeed! According to It’s Only Entertainment, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J may have found a new mansion to rent. As we previously reported, the tea was spilled last week that dueling twosome had been kicked out of the house that they were filming LHHATL in over […]

Actor/comedian Aries Spears just found out he and his divorce attorneys were going up against a real legal shark. Spears is deserting his two-year marriage to Elisa Larregui and his pockets are $400,000 lighter. Aries Spears’ divorce was finalized on May 23rd. In the court documents, it’s revealed the former “MadTV” star was ordered to […]

  The problem with people when they get angry is they like to tear up their own stuff. I’m sorry, but if you do me dirty and I don’t know how to react but to start smashing fragile home decor, best believe it’s going to be at your house and your home decor will be […]

  It looks like while Stephon Marbury is busy overseas playing basketball, his bills aren’t being taken care of. The former NBA player’s New York City condo is facing foreclosure because he allegedly hasn’t paid the mortgage in three years. According to legal documents filed by U.S. Bank International, Marbury purchased a condo with two […]

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  Man, the only person having a worse few days than Kanye West right now, must be the guy who delivered his $750,000 Lamborghini Aventador  to him today. Sort of. If you call delivering it letting the gates in front of Kimmy K’s house literally smash in to it as it drives through them delivering it! According to TMZ, […]

  TMZ is reporting that R. Kelly’s 3.6 million dollar estate in Illinois just sold for a paltry $950,000.00 at auction. The crooner was apparently trying to keep it out of foreclosure but was unsuccessful after the property failed to sell. It wouldn’t move even after Kelly dropped the price down to 1.6 million. The house is said […]

There’s a 17-bedroom house in Japan that’s generating a lot of buzz. It’s listed on Craigslist and is similar to a treehouse, but this house see-through walls. The Land Of The Harajuku Barbie Find out more about the place known as “House NA” at, and take a look at the house built for the […]

The lawyer for once-popular video model turned rapper Lola Monroe fired back at Media Take Out for posting an embarrassing story about his client allegedly losing her home and moving in with her Baltimore rapper boyfriend at his parents’ home.