We’ve all had ideas of things we would do if we hit the lottery. Typical things like paying off the house, the car, quitting the job, going on vacation are easy. But, fellas, have you ever given any thoughts to what you would but after that? If the money was a little less baby and a lot more Bill Gates, what then? Never fear, we’re here for you! Here’s a a few eccentric items to help you down the road to wasting money in the most fun ways possible.

Fraser Optics Monolite

Ok. All you rich creeps out there might want to sit up and take notice on this one. The Monolite is the only gyro-stabilized monocular in the world; it cancels out 98 percent of motion, such as trembling hands like one may get when staring at a hot woman jogging. The users can use its smart phone attachment to record video from 3,200 feet away. You know, like the amount of distance you may need to keep watching the guy you like from across the street to make sure no other women try to talk to him. The 14x magnification is well suited for long range viewing on the water making shots of the beach easy money. The Monolite is a steal at $2,000 for a military level camera and with summer around the corner, it’s just in time to let the good times roll.

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