We’ve all had ideas of things we would do if we hit the lottery. Typical things like paying off the house, the car, quitting the job, going on vacation are easy. But, fellas, have you ever given any thoughts to what you would but after that? If the money was a little less baby and a lot more Bill Gates, what then? Never fear, we’re here for you! Here’s a a few eccentric items to help you down the road to wasting money in the most fun ways possible.

Polytron Technologies, a company out of Taiwan, (where all the good stuff comes from) is making moves to bring Star Trek off the screen and into your pocket…but you just my miss it. That’s because the new invention they’re looking to bring to the market place by the end of 2013 is a transparent smart phone.

The prototype uses what the company calls Switchable glass technology. That’s a conductive OLED using crystal molecules to display images and when complete, will have a dual sided multi-touch display in front and back. In non-geek speak, the only thing you can see is the battery, SD/SIM card and camera. Though the prototype doesn’t have any operating software it’s hard to believe that after making an invisible phone that finding one will be the problem. The real question is, after a night of shots and burritos, how are YOU supposed to find it?!

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