We’ve all had ideas of things we would do if we hit the lottery. Typical things like paying off the house, the car, quitting the job, going on vacation are easy. But fellas, have you ever given any thoughts to what you would buy after that? If the money was a little less Baby and a lot more Bill Gates, what then? Never fear, we’re here for you! Here’s a a few eccentric items to help you down the road to wasting money in the most fun ways possible.

Guys have been using the “long walks on the beach” line since the beginning of time. But how many guys can actually offer to take a lady under one? Well, as soon as you drop $2 million on a Triton 36000 personal submarine, you can do just that and still have room for her best friend without the Westin.

Far from a put-put, this thing is built to move and can actually have you at the deepest part of the ocean in about two hours while seating three comfortably. Equipped with wireless fiber optics that transmit light throughout the hull via touch-screen controls, it’s the kind of sub that would give James Bond wet dreams. The only thing this sub is missing is a George Foreman grill and a Beats By Dre sound-system. That’s not to say you should roll around the ocean challenging Great Whites to a battle, but taking the row-boat around the old lake is officially played out.

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