Men, if you’re trying to marry a woman and her father doesn’t approve, please make sure he doesn’t have a knife anywhere near his person. A Chicago man was stabbed nine times by his future father-in-law who took issue with the young man.

50-year-old Claude Jones was arrested last week for stabbing his future son-in-law last year. Although the cause for the stabbing wasn’t revealed, Jones stabbed the unidentified man in the chest, shoulder, and back. The victim was taken the hospital where he received 32 stitches. A year later he was finally able to identify his attacker to police.

Claude Jones was arrested by police and charged with one felony count of aggravated battery and use of a deadly weapon. It remains unknown why Jones was arrested nearly a year after the incident took place. However, the judge presiding over the case ordered Jones to stay away from the victim’s home and place of employment. that shouldn’t be hard since Claude Jones is still in jail in lieu of paying the $400,000 bail.

So where does this leave the relationship between Jones’ daughter and the victim. They are engaged and have a child together. So if the grandfather dislikes him enough to stab him nine times, how is Christmas at their house going to go down this year? Only time will tell. What would you do if your parent stabbed your significant other? Where would your relationship go?



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