I’m not shocked that Amber and Russell are crossing paths (I mean come on, modelizer meets hot video girl…it’s so simple), I just SMH at all these statements that Amber wants to “give back” and that she met Cassidy at a softball game and doesn’t know him AT ALL.

Right, so incase you haven’t heard Kanye supposedly dumped Amber because she fooled around on him with Cassidy. Cassidy came out and admitted it but Amber is still denying it. Here’s what reported that she said:

She has dreams and aspirations that she doesn’t want ruined by innuendo and games played by others. So, one thing she wants to make clear, that Russ believes is true, that she does not know Cassidy…especially since Cassidy has already come out publicly and admitted to not knowing her. Although she has no interest in addressing this directly, she does want the world to know the details about Cassidy…”she met him once at a softball game and that’s it.”

If Russ believes her, do you?

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