Man, look! Just when when we  thought  this story could not get any more bizarre, aww nah, hell nah, it done up and did it! Okay so the word on the street according to’s Illseed, is that not only do the authorities in Mississippi think that Rapper Tim Dog is still alive, (Which is why they issued a warrant for the supposedly deceased rappers arrest) but now the FAMILY is saying they think he faked his own death too! Wait, what?

As we reported last night, a warrant for the arrest of  Timothy Blair aka Tim Dog has been issued in Mississippi!  The warrant was issued because a judge in Desoto County, MS thinks Tim Dog faked his own death!

According to WREG Memphis, Tim Dog, or Timothy Blair, was convicted of swindling a Southhaven women in 2011. He was supposed to be paying the money that he allegedly swindled out of her via an online dating site, back to her via a court order. The rapper owed $19 thousand in restitution to the alleged victim.

In a crazy twist, Illseed is now reporting tonight that the word is,

 “There was a funeral, but there was NOTHING there to confirm that Tim Blaire was actually dead. No body and no death certificate. Generally, when somebody dies, the family deals with the “affairs.” I don’t know who handled Tim Dog’s but it certainly wasn’t his closest family members, my source says. They are telling me that they don’t believe it because no concrete evidence has yet to be produced that he was dead. So now there is a warrant out for Tim’s arrest.”

Who does that, besides people on soap operas and CSI? And shall we point out, those people always get caught, that’s why it’s in the story in the first place! If this man really did fake his own death, and he gets caught, then he only thought he had problems before! Now he will have all of those same issues and he can add getting locked up to the mix! This is crazy!

We guess we will all just have to keep our eye out on this  tale from Bizarro World!


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