On The Run

Beyonce and Jay Z have had a pretty active year and somehow it seems that all roads lead to their ‘On The Run Tour’ HBO Special on September 20.  Just in case you forgot all the headlines that got us to this point, here’s Beyonce and Jay Z’s 2014 in 18 seconds.

Jay Z and Beyonce have been playing the role of Bonnie and Clyde for years, and their first short film for “Bang Bang” proves to be no different. MUST SEE: Did Jay Z Alllude To Beyonce Being Pregnant At Their Recent Paris Concert? It was released today (September 15) as the first of three videos that were […]

Well, we stand corrected! Joe Budden opened up and spoke about the recent events surrounding him over the past weekend after the NYPD tweeted that he was a wanted man! The warrant was stemming from a prior allegation made by his now ex-girlfriend. Not long after the tweet went out, chaos ensued on the internets! […]

Beyoncé and Jay Z have hit the road together for the ‘On The Run’ tour. Colors. Lights. Dancing. Rapping. It’s a spectacle to behold to be sure. And it better be with tickets in most markets at $80 (before fees) just to get in the door. The show debuted in Miami and someone’s dutiful camera-phone […]

  Man, look! Just when when we  thought  this story could not get any more bizarre, aww nah, hell nah, it done up and did it! Okay so the word on the street according to AllHipHop.com’s Illseed, is that not only do the authorities in Mississippi think that Rapper Tim Dog is still alive, (Which […]