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You know what’s distressing about this video? This silver-tongued transient smooth-talked an attractive woman into giving him money. How is a guy this talented living on the street? Dude sang so well he damn near sang her drawls off. I’ll be honest. I’m a guy and he almost sung MY drawls off. *Ahem* Then I […]

You try to overlook cultural appropriation. You try to get over it. Then some stuff like this happens and you’re left staring at your cellphone screen holding back the urge put cracks into it over the ‘W,’ ‘T,’ and ‘F’ buttons. The BBC’s 1Xtra is a radio station that features Black and Urban music. This […]

Imagine doing your job everyday, thinking you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do to secure a living for your family. Then imagine getting fired for it out of the blue. You can’t help but wonder two things when you hear the story of Dallas Northington: 1) Would this still have happened if he weren’t […]

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Beyoncé and Jay Z have hit the road together for the ‘On The Run’ tour. Colors. Lights. Dancing. Rapping. It’s a spectacle to behold to be sure. And it better be with tickets in most markets at $80 (before fees) just to get in the door. The show debuted in Miami and someone’s dutiful camera-phone […]

Feeding the hearts and minds of the ignorant for centuries, racism has become merely a humorous trope for the internet. The web gobbles up ideals using the mouths of millions and spits them back at your computer monitor in reconfigured arrangements laced with smirks and hashtags. Nothing is sacred. All is fair game. Racism gets […]


You may have thought Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s public profile took a nosedive after “Jerry Maguire,” but you’d be only partly correct. See, it’s pretty typical for an actor’s career to have some major hiccups after an Oscar win. Triple that if you’re not White. Halle Berry was struggling hard after her make-me-feel-good Oscar for ‘Monster’s […]

A child knows two things: 1. What it wants 2. How bad it wants it If you were to take something that wasn’t yours there’d be consequences…if you got caught. Kids, however, aren’t savvy enough to get away cleanly. But they can still have serious guts like this little girl. She was caught redhanded with a […]


LeBron James wants championships. He’s not afraid to work hard. He’s not afraid to demonstrate consistency at a higher level that most would think barely possible. But he also knows he can’t do it alone. MUST SEE: 22 Reasons Dwyane Wade Is The NBA’s Worst Dressed Player [GALLERY] As Dwyane Wade’s and Chris Bosh’s shots stopped […]

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[Source MeetMyCollege.com] Alabama State University is one of the premiere HBC’s in the US, serving as a shining example of historical and educational excellence for Black Americans. But no amount of prestige can stay the stain of accusation by way of racial bias. HBC’s, apparently, are no exception. Dr. John Garland is a member of […]


    It’s official, Amazon’s Fire Phone is out. True to Amazon’s storied history of extraordinary customer service and product support the cell phone is impressive. The full specs were released over here, but I don’t recommend you read them yet. Wait until you get in front of a computer or tablet because reading this on […]


After a multi-year battle with oral cancer, MLB First-Ballot Hall Of Famer Tony Gwynn passed away recently. He is mourned by everyone in San Diego from the mayor on down and by all of Major League Baseball. No one will debate the talent that Tony Gwynn’s amazing career displayed. But what few people know is […]


  Sports are the cornerstone of American entertainment. No matter what movies are out, what shows are popular or what national tragedy is going on, some dude somewhere needs to watch a group of guys chasing balls in one way or another. But with the coming of the Legends (Lingerie) Football League women’s sports have […]