Imagine doing your job everyday, thinking you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to do to secure a living for your family. Then imagine getting fired for it out of the blue.

You can’t help but wonder two things when you hear the story of Dallas Northington:

1) Would this still have happened if he weren’t Black?

2) Can Target really be affording anymore negative press right now?!

Dallas Northington was an assets-protection specialist working in Target’s loss prevention division for their Leesburg, Virginia store. For eight years he caught people stealing. For eight years he reported them to the police. For eight years he submitted recorded evidence of their wrongdoing.

However, his report on May 27th was different from all the others though. After a second incident with the same customer stealing from the store, he sent footage of a customer’s alleged thievery to the police thinking he was doing his job not knowing it could cost him his.

The man Dallas was reporting to the police worked in law enforcement, maybe even as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Northington was fired and accused by his supervisors of not filing proper paperwork and for acting insubordinately in not seeking out his supervisors first before filing a police report. Both of these are things that, in eight years, he’d never had to do before.

The Washington Post reports that he’s currently deciding what he’s going to pursue by way of legal action against Target, but in the end all he really wants is his job back. Kind of courageous considering the environment that contributed to his firing in the first place.

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