cuba gooding jr nhl awards drunk - cuba gooding jr nhl awards drunk

You may have thought Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s public profile took a nosedive after “Jerry Maguire,” but you’d be only partly correct.

See, it’s pretty typical for an actor’s career to have some major hiccups after an Oscar win. Triple that if you’re not White. Halle Berry was struggling hard after her make-me-feel-good Oscar for ‘Monster’s Ball.’ Now she’s a prominent actress again.

Cuba seems to be following a similar upswing to career recovery having starred in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” and “Machete Kills.” He even landed a gig hosting the awards show for one of the hottest pro sports in America right now, hockey.

However, it would seem that nerves got the better of Cuba because he spent what seems to be most of the event “under the influence.” His performance may have stunk with flop sweat, but make no mistake, this is the greatest thing to happen to the NHL Awards since Wayne Gretzky’s last season.

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