It’s official, Amazon’s Fire Phone is out. True to Amazon’s storied history of extraordinary customer service and product support the cell phone is impressive.

The full specs were released over here, but I don’t recommend you read them yet. Wait until you get in front of a computer or tablet because reading this on your phone may cause the handset to sweat. Hard.

Some aspects of the phone haven’t been released yet, but what has been has the tech world a-buzz. And it’s not the $199/$299 purchase price for the 32/64GB handsets (with 2 year AT&T contract).


One rear-facing and four front-facing cameras

The rear-facing camera has 13 delicious megapixels, but one of the front cameras has 2.1 megapixels for taking decently detailed pictures of yourself to post on Instagram to satisfy your thirsty thot hunting needs. The four rear-facing ones though? You’re gonna love this…

3D user interface

The Amazon Fire comes with a customized version of Android that will support 3D effects in the user interface. In order for this to work, the phone has to track the position of your face. That’s what the four rear-facing cameras will achieve. You will also need them for…

Open apps by tilting the phone

Certain apps, menus and other items will have the ability to be triggered solely by tilting the phone. Of course, people are pretty active while using their cell phones. We’ll see how this translates once the product hits the streets.

Translate signs in other languages

The phone will come with the ability to digitize text in photos so that you can use that info for a variety of real-world purposes. One specifically mentioned is the ability to translate signs in the real world. No more struggling to navigate Red Light Districts worldwide. You’ll know exactly where the booty is.

Unlimited cloud-based photo storage

Take a lot of pictures? Hate deleting them? You won’t have to with the Amazon Fire. They’ll be offering unlimited cloud storage specifically for your pictures. We’re not sure how much it will cost, if anything, but can you really put a price on the ability to secure ALL your sexting pics?

Battery life

Of all the things that are surprising about Amazon’s Fire phone, battery life is the most interesting. Amazon says that the phone will be able to provide 22 hours of talk time, 285 hours on standby, 11 hours of video playback and 65 hours of audio playback. This sounds less like a promise and more like a dream. But if Amazon can deliver on this, Samsung and Apply may start gnashing their teeth in worry.

Firefly and Mayday

Firefly is a program that lets you scan barcodes on products to look for them in Amazon’s extensive product library. Mayday gives you a direct connection to an Amazon customer service rep 24/7. Both of these will be available on release.

Prime Data

Not a lot is known about Amazon’s ‘Prime Data’ currently. But if it’s anything like Amazon’s ‘Prime’ media service that allows for access to tons of music, movies and other entertainment it will be inexpensive and amazing.

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