A child knows two things:

1. What it wants

2. How bad it wants it

If you were to take something that wasn’t yours there’d be consequences…if you got caught. Kids, however, aren’t savvy enough to get away cleanly.

But they can still have serious guts like this little girl.

She was caught redhanded with a doughnut she wasn’t supposed to have, but told a bold-faced lie to her mom to try and avoid culpability. Then she lied on her sibling. She even lied on dad. Dad? Really?

Crime? Punishment? Those concepts mean nothing to a child. Catchin’ a whoopin’? Timeout? Those they understand because they impede their ability to get what they want.

This youngin got lucky with just having her sweets privileges revoked. But why would mom be so lenient? Maybe because she knew that this video would be perfect embarrassment material when this young girl becomes a teenager?

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