Wow! This just doesn’t sound like the guy we all loved and cheered for back in the day! And it’s actually really sad to see. Apparently Evander Holyfield, the former boxing phenom, who famously has his ear gnawed off by Mike Tyson, is about to have his driver’s license suspended after not paying more than $300k in child support payments, according to TMZ.

The GA Dept of Human Services has been trying to get the back support from  Holyfield for quite some time as he was  ordered to pay over $500,000 in child support for his daughter Emani Holyfield . But Evander continuously refused to pay up. Whether it’s that he won’t pay up, or he can’t pay up, we  are still unclear about.

Holyfield had a payment plan set up and everything, in order  to start working on getting  the debt down. He was  paying $2,950 per month but TMZ reports that according to court docs, he missed several payments and still owes $327,858.36.

So, a Georgia judge has found no other recourse, but to send out the all clear signal, to The Division of Child Support and allow them to yank  Holyfield’s driver’s license.

A hearing has been set for August that will review the former champ’s  progress. How did he get here is the question?

Daddy Issues: Celebrities Who Owe Child Support
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