Former boxing champion Evander Holyfield landed himself in hot water with the producers of the reality show “Big Brother UK.” Holyfield caught heat when he and another housemate were having a conversation about homosexuality and his comments were deemed offensive.   Evander Holyfield began a discussion with his housemate Luisa about homosexuality. The boxing champ […]


  Wow! This just doesn’t sound like the guy we all loved and cheered for back in the day! And it’s actually really sad to see. Apparently Evander Holyfield, the former boxing phenom, who famously has his ear gnawed off by Mike Tyson, is about to have his driver’s license suspended after not paying more than $300k in […]

This is what happens when you have eleven kids! Evander Holyfield is facing time in the slammer for not paying child support. According to reports Holyfield hasn’t paid the court mandated amount of child support for his 18 year old daughter Emany. Evander hasn’t sent child support to Emany since April 2010. Evander Holyfield now […]

Eviction must be getting the heavyweight boxer down from the look of these photos. Mr. Holyfield was spotted looking a little rough around the edges.