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Former boxing champion Evander Holyfield landed himself in hot water with the producers of the reality show “Big Brother UK.” Holyfield caught heat when he and another housemate were having a conversation about homosexuality and his comments were deemed offensive.


Evander Holyfield began a discussion with his housemate Luisa about homosexuality. The boxing champ compared homosexuality to being handicapped and said a doctor could cure both. The whole conversation started when Luisa asked Evander Holyfield if there were any gay boxers that he knew of in the sport. Holyfield did say there were some gay boxers, but he then began to express his unpopular opinion.

Holyfield, who is very religious,  told his housemate that homosexuality is NOT a choice, but rather something like a handicap that can be fixed. Luisa calmly and respectfully disagreed with Evander Holyfield’s opinion and they moved on from the conversation. However, the producers of the show called Holyfield into the confession room and scolded him for sharing his religious beliefs.

The producers of “Big Brother UK” told Evander Holyfield that his comments were inappropriate because his views “aren’t the views that are held by a large section of society.” While Holyfield did acknowledge that his comments could be seen as offensive, he never apologized. 

While the comments can be deemed offensive by a plethora of people, it was a conversation between two people who disagreed and moved on. It wasn’t necessary for the producers to scold him like he was a child for expressing an unpopular opinion. Come on now, let’s be adults about this.

Check the video below.



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