Quality Time With Mary J. Blige(?)

Let’s assume that Mary J. Blige will be in the same facility as Ms. Hill. A chance meeting on “The Yard” or in the recreation room and the R&B landscape could quite possibly be rearranged forever by a joint-album from these two vocal giants. Take a moment to think about the soulful, sultry pain that is undoubtedly swelling in the bosom of both these soon-to-be jumpsuit-covered vixens. The young starlets of tomorrow like Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, and Miguel know nothing of the agony of owing Uncle Sam thousands – or millions – of unpaid bucks. That pain could give birth some of their most creative works to date. I wouldn’t be surprised if they held daily lunch room seminars on how to get over a man and what to do with a broken heart, as well…

If Lauryn uses this time as the “vacation” that some of my rougher friends say it is, she should emerge with a new lease on life – entertainment wise – and a new agenda to match. But, if she allows the misery of captivity to drag her further down, this may be the end of her tumultuous career. Either way, good luck, ma’am.


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