When you look at everything actor Morgan Freeman has accomplished in just the last few years, it’s easy to understand why he falls asleep in interviews.

On top of the five movies he’s starred in since last year,  in 2012 the Oscar-winner appeared on the intro to rapper B.O.B’s sophomore album, “Strange Clouds.”

On the track “Bombs Away” Freeman performs a prologue and epilogue of spoken word that challenged notions of good and evil, right and wrong and the end of the world… which may already be happening.

“As the war between light and darkness continues

Heroes and villains become harder to identify

Kindred spirits separated at birth

Fighting for their place in time to be solidified

The clock ticks faster and faster

While time runs a marathon in this battle on

But see, the end is only the beginning

The beginning of the calm before the storm

As the mask of deception falls off the face of humanity

Unveiling the grim reality of duality

In which everyone is a casualty, no one will be exempt

Truth has many shades

It’s not a matter of black and white, but gray

Although many, we are one, so in the final analysis

Could it be that we are fighting a war that can’t be won?”

“You know the title of the song and the song itself has a very epic vibe to it,” B.O.B. told blog of the collaboration. “Like a sinister, medieval meets modern day kinda like a vibe so I felt like he will be perfect for narrating the track.”

Not a bad look having the voice of God on your album. Take a listen to “Bombs Away” below:

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