One of’s faithful sent in this tip about Miami rapper Jackie-O getting into some PROBLEMS in a Miami club.

Here’s what she wrote:

So ALLEGEDY this is the scope…she was booked to appear not perform…. so some people were already pissed. Her entourage, which included rapper Papa Duck, was given free bottles but when they approached the bartender regarding additional drinks….WELL THATS WHEN ALL THE DRAMA BEGAN!!!!!

They were ALLEGEDLY given a bar tab that was quickly exceeded ……one of the bartenders was even quoted as saying “Fuck Jacki-O” when asked for additional drinks.

Well to make a long story short. Jacki threw a drink in the bartender’s face and all of them jumped from behind the counter…the next thing I know she was rushed outside of the club minus her wig, which exposed a stocking cap underneath, and her entourage outside the club threatening to shoot it up upon their return……..

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