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When HBO’s acclaimed crime drama “The Wire” came to and end on March 9, 2008, Tray Chaney’s character Poot was one of the last men standing. While that may have been a feather in his cap he was still left questioning what his next career move would be.   Ultimately he decided to share the music he’d been cultivating on set, uplifting and forward thinking tunes like “Radical Readers” and “Mike Bully,” but it wasn’t easy.

“One thing I did realize, just like with acting you, don’t want to get in a situation where you’re trapped in a box [as the guy] that does all of the positive initiative videos,” he says. So he mixed in appearances in Meek Mill’s DVD movie “Streets” and his own indie flick, “Lorenzo & Monica.”

In this exclusive for’s Black Music Month series “Shades Of Black” we get Tray Chaney to talk about the challenges of going against the norm making positive, uplifting hip-hop after being on one of the most celebrated (yet gangsta) television shows ever.


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