In the spirit of nostalgia, check out these TV shows that we'd love to see revived, remade, or rebooted.

The Screen

Although The Wire‘s last episode aired seven years ago, most of the cast still hasn’t been all that far away from Baltimore. In fact, many looked to see what they had to say when the Freddie Gray-related disturbances broke out in April. Last Saturday, the cast gave the residents of the city a voice. Andre Royo […]

The Screen

Michael K. Williams will be joining  Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon in the upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters, reports Complex.Williams, also well known as Omar Little from The Wire, will be playing a character named Hawkins. That’s all the information that seems to be available at the moment, but the film is […]

Earlier today (April 29), J. D. Williams, who played Preston “Bodie” Broadus on HBO’s crime drama The Wire, took to Twitter to recall being arrested in Baltimore, while filming the hit television show, according to Complex. The actor then revealed that many castmates— including Seth Gilliam and Andre Royo — were also arrested while filming in the city. “Wire cast members […]

The Screen

The Wire‘s acclaim partly stems from its examination of the broken systems that overlook us: Both its consenters and victims. It didn’t delve that much into racial tensions and police brutality though, but this doesn’t mean the cast isn’t aware of it. Creator David Simon and some members of the crew stated their thoughts on the ongoing […]

Cross Post Now

So, this happened. The White House just released this  video  of President Obama interviewing David Simon, creator of the HBO mega-hit The Wire. In the clip, POTUS and Simon engage in a thoughtful conversation about some of the most critical issues facing the nation: Aggressive policing, the overwhelmingly flawed war on drugs, and how these […]

If you are binge-watching The Wire on HBO Signature this weekend, now digitally remastered, being on Twitter makes the experience even better. Some of the cast has been live-tweeting the marathon, reflecting on the classic TV show and revealing things from behind the scenes. If you are unable to keep up with both screens, we got you covered. Featured […]


Here’s news to make fans of The Wire excited yet again. Back in September, a leaked trailer accidentally broke news that HBO was planning to air a digitally remastered version of The Wire, the first time the series would be available in a widescreen/HD format. Now, the network has confirmed the announcement, and will air a marathon of […]

This is beyond crazy! According to TMZ, “The Wire” star Anwan Glover aka “Slim”was stabbed inside a Washington DC nightclub early Sunday morning. Reports say Glover was in Cafe Asia where he says 2 men started randomly beating on him.  He says he heard someone scream, “He has a knife,” and then he suddenly felt a […]

Actor turned rapper Tray Chaney is back with the next installment in his ongoing series of songs dedicated to highlighting the special place a father plays in a boy’s life. The latest single from this “Hungry, Humble, Honest” EP is “Dedicated Father,” the follow-up to the popular, “Fatherhood.” Must Watch: Tray Chaney’s Positively Gangsta Rap […]

Celebrity News

  According to TMZ, “The Wire” star Idris Elba dropped a bomb on Playboy earlier this week when he confessed that he almost never watched the show that has made him a world renowned star! Yes, Idris admitted that he has only seen one or two episodes of “The Wire”! Apparently he was too nervous to watch himself […]

Television is reporting that they are hearing that “The Wire” may very well be returning via Netflix. This would feed into a serious demand by show fanatics if the rumor were to be true. Netflix has been on it big time regarding bringing beloved programing back from the dead. While the story is […]