If you are binge-watching The Wire on HBO Signature this weekend, now digitally remastered, being on Twitter makes the experience even better. Some of the cast has been live-tweeting the marathon, reflecting on the classic TV show and revealing things from behind the scenes. If you are unable to keep up with both screens, we got you covered. Featured here are tweets from everybody, from the people who played Bubbles, to Bodie, to Bunk. The tweets go by season so you can enjoy them as you watch the show.


Season 1

Bunk (Wendell Pierce) revealed that whenever a cast member was killed off, everybody would come to their final day on the set to bid them farewell:

Bubbles (Andre Royo) was really nervous when he did his first scene:

Herc (Domenick Lombardozzi) remembers a rat crawling over his foot during one take:

Lieutenant Daniels (Lance Reddick) chimes in with a salute to his fellow cast members:

The scene with the McNuggets talk had to be redone so many times that it made Poot sick, for real:

When it hits you that Day-Day (Donnell Rawlings) is also Ashy Larry:

Bunk recalled that he and Sergeant Landsman (Delaney Williams) had the ladies swooning over them on the set. To which the sergeant responds:

Poot and D’Angelo (Larry Gilliam Jr.) shouted out each other as hustlers and actors:

Every scam that Bubbles ran on the show were based on real stories:

Kima (Sonja Sohn) thought the moments leading to the death of Wallace (Michael B. Jordan) were done amazingly well:

One of Bunk’s favorite moments? Interrogating D’Angelo:

Lester Freeman (Clarke Peters) says what up to Poot. It’s all love outside of the show:

Bodie (JD Williams) has a pick for most underrated role:

How many E’s does it take to spell the classic line from senator Clay Davis (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.)? He has a number:

Season 2

Sapper gave props to the actor behind Frank Sobotka (Chris Bauer), and is given insight into the actor’s method:

Bubbles was such a convincing bum that the show’s security nearly chased him off once:

Ziggy Sobotka (James Ransone) provides a very blunt thought on why people dislike his character:

How much porn did Sergeant Landsman keep in his desk? Think about it in terms of pounds:

What was the first scene Sergei (Chris Ashworth) shot for the show? The diner where the Greeks would meet at:

So what about the dorags Bodie would wear? That was the idea of the actor:

The actress who played Kima had a hand in the creation of Lester:

Who had the best curses on the show? In Bodie’s opinion, it was Bunk:

Brother Mouzone (Michael Potts) wishes he could have been in a scene with Bunk:

A fan posted a photo of the real Bunk, Detective Oscar Requer, for Bunk:

Bubbles tweeted about the show being snubbed when it came to awards:

When officer Ray Cole (co-creator Robert Colesberry) passed in 2004, there were talks of ending the show with the second season as prosecutor Rhonda (Deirdre Lovejoy) notes:

Sapper reveals what creator David Simon wanted Season 2 to be, in a nutshell:

Namond (Julito McCullum) thinks Nick Sobotka (Pablo Schreiber) is not given enough recognition:


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