Earth Wind & Fire, a group who’s name alone sounds as legendary and powerful as the vocals they put out, was founded in Chicago in 1969 by Maurice White, members Philip Bailey, Ralph Johnson, Verdine White, Al MckKay and Larry Dunn.

The group went on to a legendary career consisting of classic albums and songs that transcended several eras of popular music. We’re talking about a band so big the Beatles remade one of their songs (“Got To Get You Into My Life”) for their movie “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.” It’s a fitting tribute seeing as how Earth, Wind & Fire‘s original name was in fact, The Salty Peppers.

It wasn’t until the band moved to Los Angeles and added new members Sherry Scott, Yackov Ben Isreal, Verdine White and Donnie Hathaway that the group name changed to Earth, Wind & Fire. Successfully combining multiple genres such as soul, funk and jazz into critically-acclaimed hits, Earth, Wind & Fire is known for high-energy, elaborate stage shows and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Join in the celebration of Black Music Month with XFINITY’s and be sure to catch Earth, Wind & Fire: Shining Stars and Earth, Wind & Fire Concert: Live from Oakland 1981 this month on Centric.

Find out some more random facts about EWF in this interview with “Time Out New Singapore.”

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