There comes a point when a rapper has to think about what to do after the music stops. Many entertainers are business men (and women) who have more than one career title under their belts. We’ve seen many artists with their own clothing lines, energy drinks, even headphones, but Killer Mike can add barber to this list. In 2011, the Atlanta rapper opened a barber shop with wife Shana Render in his hometown.

In July 2012, did an interview with Killer Mike about his dream of over nine years. The Graffiti SWAG (Shave Wash And Groom) barber shop has made quite a name in Atlanta that has motivated Killer Mike’s dream to open 150 shops across the country.

“You become a walking piece of art,” he says in the interview. “I do hip hop professionally and graffiti is well-known in hip hop. When you go into the barber shop and get this great customer service, you walk out as physical graffiti.”

The outspoken “Rap Music” pro intends to give unemployed men in communities across the nation an uplifting move towards a more sustainable life with the right haircut and confidence.

“I want to see young African American men employed, without having to continue to beg people for employment,” he said. “I want to see barbers earning disposable income, treating it like a regular salaried job, and I want to see them invest in other things – real estate, a cause, whatever. I want them to have an opportunity for real economic elevation.”

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