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He’s back! After an abysmal attempt at a comeback with Bryan Singer’s  “Superman Returns” in 2006,  director Zack Snyder (“300”) has finally given us the Superman we’ve been waiting for. In “Man of Steel” we get an edgier, more complex Supes played by British actor Henry Cavill.   Screenwriter David Goyer flips the origin story of Superman on its head, fleshing out the Kryptonian culture and an interesting plot twist explains why Kal-El becomes the lone star child sent to Earth.  An all-star cast including Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent), Diane Lane (Martha Kent)  and Laurence Fishburne (Perry White) bring our favorite Smallville/Metropolis characters back to life in what is shaping up to be this summer’s must-see movie.

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The Urban Daily lists five reasons why “Man of Steel” is a game changer for the DC superhero franchise:

1.  Henry Cavill

For countless moviegoers, the late Christopher Reeve was THE definitive Superman. In addition to  his matinee-idol looks, Reeve was fluid in his portrayal of the Man of Steel and his nerdier, accident-prone alter-ego, Clark Kent. Newcomer Henry Cavill steps in quite nicely as our newest Kryptonian savior, with equally devastating good looks and superhero swag.  Cavill plays Kal-El/Superman with charm, wit and a much welcomed dash of cynicism when it comes to the goodwill of mankind.  This is indeed our Superman for the 21st century.

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2.  Russell Crowe

It’s only fitting that the father of world’s most iconic superhero would be played by “the people’s gladiator,” Russell Crowe.  In past movies Jor-El has been the sagacious, phantom father figure who counsels his son in times of crisis. In “Man of Steel” screenwriter David Goyer puts meat and bones on this once mysterious character; in addition to being a principled, brilliant scientist, Jor-El is both a lover and a kick ass fighter.  Crowe brings courage, virility and intellect to the role, qualities clearly shared with his son, Kal-El/Superman.

3.  Krypton

Viewers are treated to an expanded mythology of the infamous planet where Kal-El was born.  “Man of Steel” brilliantly juxtaposes the almost pre-historic looking terrain of Krypton with their cutting edge bio-technology; the first 15 minutes play like a hopped up medieval/sci-fi mashup of “Game of Thrones” spliced with “The Matrix.”  While most fans identify Superman as the symbol for “truth, justice and the American way,” “Man of Steel” instead focuses on Kal-el’s otherworldly heritage, wisely reminding us of his dual citizenship.

4.  Soundtrack

When it comes to scoring epic films, Hans Zimmer is the man Hollywood has on speed dial.  The Oscar winning composer (“Gladiator”) behind the sonic landscape for “Inception” and  “The Dark Knight” trilogy  brings his A game yet again in creating the soundtrack for this revamped Superman franchise.  Whereas John Williams’ original score is no doubt iconic, Zimmer brings humility and a more nuanced,  emotional score.  The themes of loss, love, redemption and hope are threaded through Zimmer’s music, and enhances the viewing audience’s  experience in watching Clark Kent/Kal-el’s emotional journey.

5.  We can finally get a  “Justice League” movie on the fast track

With the predicted box office success of “Man of Steel” Warner Bros. studio can confidently go back to their blueprint for “Justice League.”  While Marvel is a marketing genius in providing fun popcorn superhero fare for the family, DC has already differentiated itself as the dark and brooding older brother, as witnessed with the success of the recently departed Batman francishe. “The Dark Knight” and “Man of Steel” have successfully planted the seeds for an equally formidable superhero team that–provided with the right screenplay and casting –will easily rival the “Avengers.”

“Man of Steel” opens in theaters nationwide June 14th



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