Not too long ago, Father’s Day was a day when the traditional heads of households – nationwide – were celebrated for the thankless job they did daily. Fathers provided the delicate balance between the world’s harshness and a mother’s love that kids would eventually need to survive in real life. Nowadays people are quick to discount the need for one, but do not be fooled; there’s nothing like having a dad.

From bringing home the bacon and killing spiders to opening jars and moving furniture, Dads were once the closest thing to super heroes or cops that a kid could ask for. For both boys and girls, he served as a beacon of safety as well as the stern voice of reason where one could and would find truth, even if they weren’t looking for it. Dads were as socially important as moms were, believe it or not.

My, oh my, have times have changed.

These days, the father is looked down upon as a collective unit of failure, dismissed as ship-jumping invisible men who ultimately aren’t even needed. Dads currently have such a bad reputation that the good ones get overshadowed and lumped in with the rest. The media doesn’t make it any better, with its constant praise of moms and very rare mentions of dads. Sadly, there is statistical proof that the absence of the father plays a large part in the young lives that the void effects. Some people say the lack of responsible fathers is the cause for the current state of minority communities all across America, if not the entire globe. All in all, however, being a father isn’t the easiest thing, but it must be done.

Fathers and fathers-to-be, remember that Father’s Day is not only a day of recognition (for those that deserve the glory), but also a reminder that our work isn’t done until we stop breathing. And in case any of you dads doubt your social importance, or have let negative feelings (baby momma drama) take precedence over positive facts (your kids need you), take a moment and think about these five things that are raising your kids (because you aren’t).

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