Kendrick Lamar dropped his highly anticipated album Damn on Friday and the Internet just can’t stop talking about it. The rapper’s fourth project touches on everything from Donald Trump to FOX News. Check out some of the best tweets about the K. Dot’s hot new album.


Michael Jordan has finally revealed his true feelings about the internet sensation known as the Michael Jordan crying face meme.

After a year of research, Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to help bring wireless Internet to large areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Voice

When Frederick Hutson landed in prison at the age of 24 on a drug trafficking charge in Florida, he was surprised to learn that it…

During the late 80s and early 90s, MC Hammer was one of hip-hop’s most polarizing figures. While some hated on him for the harem pants and the excessive dancing, pop radio ate it up. Despite complaints, Hammer was the first rapper to go diamond. (Ten million albums sold.) After suffering a huge fall from grace, […]

Whether you like his opinion or not, Kanye West has a lot to say about everything. Recently, the “Bound 2” rapper made some negative comments about huge internet retailer Zappos. In an interview with Bret Easton Ellis, Kanye West said the internet retailer sold “sh*t product.” The CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh responded in a […]

When social media first became popular, it was a place for people to post short statuses about their day and a little bit about their lives. Now that we are knee deep in the age of social media, people have taken to using various platforms to overshare. Comedian Jack Vale decided he was going to […]

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  Wow! You just can not make this stuff up! So apparently an alleged former girlfriend of ‘Preachers of L.A.’ cast member Pastor Deitrick Haddon is all in her feelings…or maybe we should say her feelings are driving her spirit because she supposedly leaked naked pics of the good Rev to the Funky Dineva website! The alleged Haddon pictures […]

Celebrity News

Activism has changed greatly over the years. Nowadays if one wants to bring forth change, it is done through the work of your thumbs. But for actor/activist Malik Yoba, the conventional ways of activism might still be the way to go. “If you look at things that are just part of the social fabric of […]


Not too long ago, Father’s Day was a day when the traditional heads of households – nationwide – were celebrated for the thankless job they did daily. Fathers provided the delicate balance between the world’s harshness and a mother’s love that kids would eventually need to survive in real life. Nowadays people are quick to […]

The internet has become the Information Age’s wild west. You can find any and everything your heart desires with a simple click of a mouse. However, you also wind up getting things sent to you that you never actually wanted to see. A woman from Long Island, New York discovered a way to get creepy […]