It’s a crazy world Allen Iverson lives in. Apparently, Iverson has returned his children to the custody of their mother and adamantly denied his ex-wife’s allegations of him trying to hold the children hostage.

Yesterday, we reported that Iverson was accused of stealing his five children and keeping them locked up in an Atlanta hotel room by his ex-wife, Tawanna. Tawanna Iverson also alleged Allen Iverson refused to return the children to her despite her having sole custody of the five kids. However, things weren’t exactly the way Tawanna made them out to be.

A.I. appeared in a Fulton County courtroom last Wednesday where he explained to the judge that his ex-wife had full access to the their kids the whole time he had them in Atlanta. According to sources, Tawanna Iverson was in court when Allen Iverson spoke to the judge. She also testified that day sayng she could have gone and picked up her kids but didn’t want to drive the forty five minutes to the location he chose.

Initially, Tawanna asked for Allen Iverson to be thrown in jail due to his behavior, but once the judge heard Allen Iverson’s side of the story, he wasn’t thrown behind bars. In fact, things have turned around so much for the former couple, A.I. and his ex-wife have worked out some of their issues and Allen has been allowed to spend more time with the children.

Neither party has commented about the recent development in their relationship.


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