It’s a crazy world Allen Iverson lives in. Apparently, Iverson has returned his children to the custody of their mother and adamantly denied his ex-wife’s allegations of him trying to hold the children hostage. Yesterday, we reported that Iverson was accused of stealing his five children and keeping them locked up in an Atlanta hotel […]

Former NBA star Allen Iverson always seems to find himself in some sort of trouble. He and his ex-wife Tawanna are going back to court after she alleged that he stole their five children from her. According to legal documents recently filed by Tawanna Iverson, A.I. asked for her permission to take the children on […]

The fall from grace for Allen Iverson has been long and super painful. Allen Iverson was going through a lengthy and nasty divorce from his estranged wife Tawanna and in the final stages of the divorce proceedings, the judge went in on Iverson and his lack of parenting skills. The Atlanta family court judge had […]

The bicker divorce fight between Allen Iverson and estranged wife Tawanna is finally over. Per TMZ, Tawanna will get a $3 million dollar lump sum in addition to various assets, which includes a percentage of his future Reebok endorsement deal checks. She’ll also received child support payments for their five children. Meanwhile, A.I. will keep […]

In the latest edition of As The Divorce Turns, Allen Iverson is asking a judge to lock up his wife, Tawanna Iverson. Yes, really. They’re that mad at each other. Via TMZ: A.I. recently filed a motion for contempt in Georgia against his estranged wife Tawanna Iverson, claiming he had a basketball gig in Asia earlier […]