Singer Mary J. Blige can’t catch a break with these lawsuits. Mary is getting hit with another lawsuit by a concert promotion company for skipping out on a performance in Dallas, Texas.

The promotions company Vision Entertainment Worldwide is suing Mary J. Blige and her production company. They claim the R&B singer entered into an agreement to perform in Dallas, Texas on December 9th, 2012. She canceled the performance just a few days before which left the company without a performer. VEW says they paid Mary a deposit of $145,000 and she never gave the money despite cancelling the show.

VEW says Mary J. Blige bounced on the Dallas show once The Rolling Stones asked her to perform with them on December 8th in Brooklyn, New York. The time she was performing with The Rolling Stones, Blige was supposed to be on a plane heading to Dallas.



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